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General Responsibilities of Guarding
The lifeguard provides water safety, beach safety and beach control. The lifeguard also rents umbrellas and chairs as part of the beach service. Specific duties include responding to any emergency in the water or on the beach , administering first aid, enforcement of city ordinances, responding to the public at large in a professional manner, participating in all training sessions, preparing and filing reports, collecting money for rental equipment and the daily set up and take down of rental equipment.

Essential Job Functions & Requirements 

You must be at least 18 years of age and in good health with no physical limitations.
You must be able to complete a 500 yard swim in under 10 minutes.* "Down and back 10 times in a 25 yard pool".
You must possess all current lifeguard, CPR and first aid certifications.
You must observe beach and water areas for any unsafe situation that may arise and be able to respond quickly.
You must be able to communicate with others in a professional manner.
You must be able to prepare written reports.
You must have at least a high school education.
No facial piercings.
All men must be clean shaven
Within working hours, all apparel worn must be JBS approved.
Swim must be done in a smooth and timely fashion as well as in good form.  Management will ultimately approve the pass or fail of each individual.

Working Conditions & Physical Abilities
Work is performed outdoors and around water. Exposure to direct sunlight over extended periods of time is a part of this job. There are extended periods of walking, standing and sitting. It is essential that one must be able to hear calls for help and see troubled swimmers or beach users. One must be able to lift up to 35lbs. or more as well as operate all rescue equipment.

Salary & Pay
: Employees will be paid either by commission from rentals or by a set daily rate if he/she is used as a lifeguard only (LGO). The base rate is a minimum gross wage an employee earns if commissions do not exceed the base pay due to bad weather. Guards may also receive tips from customers.

COMMISSION: Range is from 10% to 30% according to the stand worked. Employee agrees that up to 15% of his/her weekly pay will be held by the employer in an unpaid commission fund, that is payable upon satisfactory fulfillment of this agreement. The employee will forfeit this fund if he/she does not fulfill this agreement for any reason. No unpaid commission will be dispersed before labor day weekend.

PAYDAY: Pay week is from Monday a.m. to Sunday p.m. Pay day is the following Wednesday at the JBS office located at 29th Ave. North, Myrtle Beach. Any re-issuing of payroll checks due to lost, stolen, or damage will cost the employee $25.00 that will be deducted from the new check. ALL PAYCHECKS WILL BE VOIDED ON NOVEMBER 15TH OF THE CURRENT YEAR IF NOT DEPOSITED.

DAYS OFF: In most situations, guards typically get at least one day off a week. Guards may choose which days they would like to be off by putting their name on a day off board in the lower office. Although we try our best to give days off to those who request it, THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS GUARANTEED!

DEDUCTIONS: Excluding required taxes, deductions might include unpaid commission, rent, loans, fines, cleaning fees, lost stolen, or damaged equipment, and uniforms.

TRAINING: The length of training will be determined by a manager. Pay will be The training period is usually 3 days. Guards must pass the 500 Yard swim in under 10 minutes before they can begin training. All rookie guards must also complete an initial orientation that teaches preliminary ocean rescue skills, beach regulations and other aquatic knowledge.
HOUSING: Housing is provided at a minimal cost to JBS employees. Employees seeking housing must agree and sign a JBS Housing Agreement prior to moving into JBS housing. Employees not residing in JBS housing must follow the same rules, terms, and regulations as renters while on the JBS property. Fines will be levied for failure to keep rooms and grounds clean. The cost to stay at the guard house is $77 a week including all utilities and the guard house is located on the same property as the main office which is where guards must return after 5:00. The guard house sleeps 16-20 people and is located less than a mile from our beach, so guards staying there can walk or bike ride within minutes!

WORKOUT FACILITY: JBS also has a full workout building on the premises that includes free weights, various machines, punching bag, and other cardio equipment. Guards will be allowed to use this facility during normal hours as long as it is kept clean, sanitary, and weights are returned to holding racks upon completion.
BENEFITS: No work = No pay, for sickness, vacations, or holidays. If you are not on the beach working, you do not receive any pay. No exceptions!
EQUIPMENT: Employees are responsible for all company equipment. If equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged due to negligence, the employee must pay for the replacement cost of said equipment. This cost may be deducted from the employees paycheck and/or unpaid commission fund. Replacement cost of company issue equipment is as follows: Buoy-$60, Rocking Bar-$30, Umbrella-$100, Chair-$65, Radio Replacement-$400.
UNIFORMS: Employees must wear JBS issued uniforms at all times while working. These uniforms will be provided at a minimal cost for employees, which will be deducted from following paychecks. Any uniforms worn on the beach while working must be purchased from JBS. While wearing your uniform, remember you are a representative of JBS to the community and the general public. You must purchase at least 3 shirts, 2 shorts or bathing suits, whistle, first aid kit, and CPR rescue mask, unless otherwise provided.
VIOLATIONS: Continued violations of JBS or city policies after three written warnings could result in immediate termination. No unpaid commission will be paid out if termination occurs. If you are 30 minutes late for set-up there will be at $50 fine from that days work. Second offense will be a $75 fine and third offense will be $100 fine or termination. If termination occurs, the employee will be paid at the minimum wage for the hours worked in the pay period. Upon fully executed contract or termination from JBS, a $50 cleaning fee will be deducted from the last paycheck or unpaid commission check if the living area does not pass inspection by JBS management.

Surf School
Each Wednesday, physical training seminars will be conducted at the conclusion of the work day.  Usually lasting approximately 2 hours, ocean knowledge and skills will be taught and practiced until management sees fit.

Emergency Response Team
At the beginning of the summer, an Emergency Response Team, or E.R.T. team, will be put together consisting of individuals who can be trusted and relied on to be able to respond to beach emergencies from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. after all guards have left the beach.  The team will consist of 16 members.  Each day, 2 members will take a beach vehicle and be able to respond to any emergencies that may arise.  At the conclusion of the summer, these individuals will be treated to dinner as well as receive an E.R.T. jacket.


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Select any swimsuit, (one or two peice), that meets the following criteria:
Must have "lifeguard" or "guard" displayed upon it, Must be "navy" in color.
If any items need to be shipped to the guard house, the address is:

Mailing address:
PO Box 3504
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Guard house address:
605 29th Ave. N. Ext
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