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Bill Jackson-Owner

Bill Jackson is the current owner of John’s Beach Service.  Bill initially came to Myrtle Beach just after completing college at the University of North Carolina.  Subsequently, he began working for JBS as a lifeguard under the previous owner, Joe Beuhler.  After several seasons with the beach service, Bill took a job working for the city of Myrtle Beach as the beach patrol captain.  There he implemented many of the standards in water safety still used today.  Bill took over JBS soon after and has been the owner for over 20 years now.

Nick Jackson-General Manager

Nick is the eldest son of owner Bill Jackson and has been working with the service ever since he was a youngster.  Nick graduated from the University of South Carolina and came back to Myrtle Beach just after to continue to help his father run the business. 


Will Nealey- Equipment Manager

From Whiteville, NC Will started at JBS in 2008. He quickly rose to working
one of our top stands as a senior guard and shortly after was promoted to a
supervisor position. After showing loyalty, dedication, and a hard work
ethic, Will soon became a manager.


Mason Gebhart- Shop Manager

Mason has been with the company since 2006 and currently oversees all
warehouse operations.



The staff here at John’s Beach Service takes pride in providing an outstanding service to our customers, as well as maintaining a superior level of professionalism.  We strive to instill in our staff the importance of water safety as well as providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform at their best.



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