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7:30-Arrive at beach, begin chair and umbrella setup

8:00-Flag must be up

9:00-Chair and umbrella setup must be complete

11:30-12:15-first lunch

12:15-1:00-second lunch

1:00-1:45-third lunch

4:00-Begin breakdown of chairs and umbrellas

5:00-Flag can be dropped and you may leave the beach once all equipment is securely locked

Notes:  You may take two 15-minute breaks throughout the day, one before lunch and one after lunch.  Periodic line checks must be made during the day, at least one an hour.  The typical first year lifeguard will set up around 30 umbrellas including chairs per day.  Throughout the day, you are expected to maintain a level of responsibility and professionalism that is up to JBS standards.

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